Dedicated. Creative. Kind. Compassionate. Spirited.   

Sarah Jane finds beauty in the simple things: fresh flowers, coffee shops, good food, finding hearts, the beach, fresh air on a cool day, winter days and summer nights, full moon walks, Rumi, LPs, books, lavender, sunsets and sunrises, fresh pages in a journal…

Sarah Jane is passionate about sharing her experience with yoga, meditation and other spiritual teachings, and the way these practices combined benefit the physical body, the mind and the spirit.

The conscious application of ancient wisdom to everyday life creates balance that allows one to thrive.

Through her own personal practice, Sarah Jane has achieved more balance, self-nurturance and purpose, which has empowered her to create the space and stillness she needs to listen to her heart. 

More About Sarah Jane

  • Loves vintage fashion, mid-century style, architectural history, and travel

  • Started finding hearts in 2012 and the love just keeps on showing up

  • Hobbies: creating, painting, dreaming, writing, designing

Balance is living in alignment with who you really are, and from the heart.
— Sarah Jane