I'm Writing a Book

Living a more balanced, heart-centered lifestyle means living authentically - doing what feels right, listening to what lights you up inside, and finding your voice.

For while now I haven't been interested in consulting because I've been consumed with writing. I can't tell you how relieved I am with the decision to no longer offer yoga lifestyle programs. This is a testament to living closer to my truth and doing what's right for me.

This was absolute pressure I put on myself, thinking I *should* "do the yoga thing" because I have the certifications to do so.  Always beware of the "shoulds." If anything feels forced, it is a telltale sign that the head is taking over the heart. By letting go of the resistance around this, it a lot easier for me to listen to my heart. By trusting in this divine guidance, I know that everything is unfolding how it's supposed to, and when it's supposed to.

Where my true passion lies is in helping others seek relevant information, while navigating resources with discernment and a critical mind (i.e. what works best for you). In library land this is called "information literacy." Sharing my personal story on the blog, and compiling helpful resources related to yoga and spirituality excites me more than designing yoga programs for other people.

My career as a librarian is very rewarding, and I never plan to give that up for yoga. The idea of merging my skillset with writing and creating meaningful resource guides is like a dream! My Facebook page and my website/blog will continue to support others along their spiritual path, by providing resources for inspiring a more balanced and heart-centered lifestyle.

I'm also excited to announce that after many years of yoga, and devoted spiritual study, I am ready to share my own story. With Anne's encouragement I'm in the process of writing a book!

Resources! BOOKS! HEARTS! I am in LOVE! And I hope you are too! Stay tuned.

Lots of love,

xo SJ