Trusting the Process & Learning from Shingles

Louise Hay, the author of You Can Heal Your Life, attributes all physical ailments to the body's way of communicating to us what needs to heal on an emotional level.  She recommends using affirmations to support you on your the path to healing. 


Waiting for the other shoe to drop. Fear & tension. Too sensitive.


I’m relaxed and peaceful because I trust the process of life. All is well in my world.  

Since my last post at the end of February, I've done so much personal work and multiple healing sessions - from massage, to osteopathy, to coaching sessions, to sound healing.  Although it may sound like a lot, my soul was craving an accelerated process. While doing a lot in a short period of time can be good, things came to a head in March, when I developed shingles around my left eye and forehead. In hindsight, I think I was so focused on the healing modalities themselves, that I wasn't necessarily giving myself time to integrate the big soul shifts I was experiencing.

It was a wild ride is all I can say!  However, I believe that the body speaks it's mind. In other words, our bodies talk to us all the time, giving us clues along the way when things are out of balance and when we need to check in with our stress levels. It's our choice whether we decide to listen to it, or not. 

After all of that accelerated personal work, physically and emotionally, my body was ready to be literally transformed - ready to shed some shadows, and old patterns that were holding me back.  I was ready to integrate this work: welcome in joy, a more relaxed state of being, and embrace the idea that life is SUPPOSED TO BE EASY!!  As Louise states above, TRUST THE PROCESS OF LIFE.  And, all the healing work aside, trusting more in myself. 

The first thing I did when I was diagnosed with shingles, was go online to see what Louise had to say about them!  Then, the next day I got a text from my friend Rachel, who sent me a screen capture from the You Can Heal Your Life book (thank you, Rachel).  This affirmation came in handy when I was going through the healing process the last couple of months.  While I didn't want to bog myself down too much with "the work" while I was healing on a physical level, I was ready to think more about what having shingles meant to me personally. It was clear there was still a lot that needed to come to the surface (quite literally to the surface of my skin), such as allowing life to flow.  Trusting the process, and letting things unfold. 

This is particularly true "pre-shingles" when it came to some of my relationships. My life is pretty damn awesome, and to engage in relationships that no longer support my higher purpose, or leave me feeling doubtful and anxious have to go!  I take pretty good care of myself; however, there was something still lingering in this department when it came to giving my power away to certain people, some of whom were more manipulative than others.

While working closely with Anne during this important revelation, I discovered where these patterns originated, and why they continued to show up. Even with the best heart compass around, you can never really navigate that sort of dynamic successfully, so you just have to let it go.  And, you can't save other people, regardless of how much hope you have that things will change.  All you can really do is send them love, and be grateful for the lessons. All I can say now, is "Holy shit, thank you, shingles!!"

It's been a good two months of proper healing, and I'm finally starting to feel like myself again. This boils down to surrounding myself with the people that I love, and choosing activities that make me happy.  After two solid weeks of sick leave, and 10 days of antiviral and pain meds, I started with the foundational stuff such as eating properly, and getting lots of rest. I also boosted my immune system with acupuncture appointments, some healing time at home on the water in Cape Breton, and a cleanse at the beginning of April.

The past few weeks I've been killing it at the gym, running again, and already fulfilling my list of intentions that I created on New Years Eve, entitled "To 2017, With Love." (Not) Coincidentally, this could also be a checklist for what materialized during and after my shingles adventure.

Some of these intentions include: 

  • Practice more patience and compassion

  • Spend time with only those who have my best interest at heart

  • Find balance in giving and receiving

  • Get emotionally and physically stronger

  • Love More

  • Focus on how I'm feeling as a compass

  • Trust my intuition more deeply

  • Have more fun, with fun people

Anne's book launch is tomorrow, and I'm so excited!  Now, that is definitely somewhere I want to be! I'm so happy that I get to spend the evening with some of my best friends, all while celebrating the awesomeness of Anne's accomplishment.  I can already feel the energy for tomorrow, and it's going to be great.

I want to embrace the joys and celebrations in life, and trust that these experiences are part of the journey.  Happiness is living from my truth, and deciding how I want to live my life, knowing I have the power to create something truly special based on the choices I make every day.  Now *that* is a process I can trust.

If you would like to explore these concepts further, I invite you to book an appointment with me. I’d be happy to provide more guidance on the ways in which you can incorporate more self-love, surrender and acceptance of what is. Strengthening your mind, body and spirit are important pieces to embracing life more fully. Visit my Offerings page to learn more.

With love,

xo SJ