Books & Wisdom Wednesday

The following three books were monumental in changing the course of my healing process – back when all of my personal work started in 2010. Through a combination of serendipitous events, and being ready, these books (as teachers) appeared in my lap. Now, I keep them as reference material when I need the sacred reminders that I am doing all of this for a reason.

I don’t know whether it’s the general moving forward energy in the air, or my rapid personal growth since I started coaching sessions with Anne Bérubé in September; however, I feel ready to be more open about my healing work around growing up with alcoholism, recovering from co-dependency, and what it means to be in the position of healing the ancestral linage around such issues.

I started working on a few blog posts about this back in January, and they have been the hardest ones to write, hence not finishing them yet. I’m almost there! While this may seem like heavy stuff, it’s my truth. I’ve made a commitment to my expansion, and have come to realize that sharing the raw truth has been my purpose all along.

As a librarian, I have happily spent my entire career directing people to resources that help them in the most effective and efficient way possible. I highly recommend these titles because I have read them all myself, and found them to be extremely beneficial to my growth as a spiritual seeker.

My plan is to update my Bookshelf on a regular basis, and send out alerts out on Facebook and Instagram as a featured post on a Wednesday. "Wisdom Wednesday" is intended to inspire you and I am delighted that my two passions blend together so effortlessly. Personal growth & curating resources!

Happy Reading!

Lots of love,

xo SJ