Honouring Grief

💌PSA (Public Spirit Announcement)!💌

The message that just came through loud and clear from Spirit to share with all of you is:


The holidays can be very difficult for many people, and grief can sneak up on you in a lot of different ways. It can come in the form of anger, fatigue, impatience, sadness...

I want to pass along the message that you are to HONOUR this grief, and allow it to pass through you. It's normal to grieve during the holidays, and it's ok to balance a mix of sorrow and joy, ⭐️feeling everything⭐️ simultaneously.

There is no one right way to feel your way through the holidays, except to be compassionate, patient, and kind to yourself no matter how you're feeling.

I miss my dad, and I miss my grandmother who died on Christmas Day seven years ago. Today I honour them, our memories, our family traditions, and send out LOVE. I trust they will receive the message, one way or another.

Sending love to all of you, and wishing you the highest the holidays has to offer. And, if that includes grief, use it to empower and guide you into a vibration of gratitude for what is here now.

With love,
xo ❤️SJ