Stoking the Fire & Finding Flow

How do you expect to stoke your own fire when you’re too busy putting everyone else’s out?
— With Love from SJ

Messages like this one came in loud and clear by simply BEING in the woods for a weekend at Windhorse Farm. Disconnecting completely in a off-grid cabin in order to connect was the perfect setting for receiving what I like to call downloads from my pre-loaded inner wisdom database.

My 37th birthday is on Thursday, and this past month has been a very inward focused, reflective and integrative time. A Windhorse weekend was just what I needed for an overall review and a reset.

I was laying down on a little bridge overarching a brook, tucked into the ancient forest when I received this powerful message. When I zoned out it felt like I became part of the landscape, and I imagined the water carrying away any thoughts hindering my ability to think more clearly.

There is something to be said for drowning out the mind clutter so that our innate wisdom can flow through in order to just BE. We all have access to this ancient wisdom. It's a matter of deciding what environment best supports you (for me it's being in the woods or near the ocean), as well as how you wish to empower yourself with the information you receive.

If I'm feeling this, then as a collective, we could all benefit from giving ourselves the permission to drown out the noise on a regular, more intentional basis so we can connect more deeply with the truth in our hearts. In addition to that, how we express that truth to the fullest extent in a given moment.

I know this message means to continue to stoke my own inner fire (i.e my power, and what lights me up), not default to rescue mode, and to choose wisely when it comes to spending time those who fan my flames rather than dampen them. 

My experience at Windhorse quickly became a metaphor for how I'd like to nurture myself on a different level altogether - stoking the wood stove fire and all!

What might this all mean to you? If you happen to sit with it for even a brief moment, usually the first thought that comes to mind is a good place to start.

With love,

xo SJ