My Healing Experience with John of God

I first heard about John of God when I read Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein about 4 years ago.  I remember it sounding a little strange and automatically assumed it was something reserved for the select few, including celebrity self-help writers such as Gabrielle, Wayne Dyer and Oprah.  While I was very curious about it at the time, I put it on the back burner for later in my healing process.  Part of me always knew I would have an opportunity to experience this when the timing was right for me.  I did ask myself, though, would I have to travel to Brazil to visit this man?  

Around the same time I read Spirit Junkie, my friend Kate told me about a reading she had with a channeler and kundalini yoga instructor named Jackie O'Shea while on a recent visit to NYC.  After hearing about this, I decided to book a Skype reading with Jackie.  Fast forward three years, to this past fall, when I received Jackie's newsletter informing her clients she was planning to visit John Of God at the Casa de Dom Iancio, a spiritual centre in Abadiania, in central Brazil.   She was offering to take photos and healing requests down with her so that John of God could perform what they call a "remote healing intervention" or "invisible surgery."  I took this as a sign, and because I trusted Jackie, I decided to go for it.  Before I received Jackie's email I didn't realize the remote healing sessions were even an option.

Once I signed up I was instructed to send her a photo of myself, including a list of the top 4 or 5 things I wanted healed.  The majority of the things on my list were emotional, leftover family shit that I've been committed to healing so diligently during the last number of years.  The list also included specific things I knew were getting in the way of sharing a joyful life with a romantic partner.   

I was ready to end the struggle with relationships, including the emotional baggage that comes along with growing up around addiction, such as co-dependency, and attracting unhealthy bonds.  I've been so committed to myself and my healing process as of late, that it seemed meant to be that this opportunity presented itself when it did. There was no question I had to do it!

Jackie told me she would be going to Brazil and visiting the Casa in mid-November, and to await another email for further instruction. She would also informed me as to what day the healing would take place.  In addition to the healing session, she would send the special herbs from Brazil.  The herb is encapsulated passion flower. Everyone gets the same herb; however, your prescription is uniquely charged with healing properties specific to your needs.  Subsequently, it took about a month after the healing session took place for the herbs to arrive in Halifax. In preparation for this day, I should also expect to start tuning into the Casa and the healing entities through dreams, and other intuitive insights.  

The strict healing instructions outline that you can't drink alcohol or eat hot peppers/hot sauce while taking the herbs for 40 days.  I decided I would stop drinking beginning on the day of the healing until I was finished the herbs, which meant I stopped drinking in mid-November and didn't drink again until the end of January.  Some people thought I was nuts giving up alcohol over the Christmas holidays, but since I'm not a big drinker to begin with, it was pretty easy for me to do.  Others took it very personally that I would give up alcohol at all, which I found really interesting.

Once I made the decision to participate in this divine healing intervention, I started searching for stories about other people's experiences. There are countless personal accounts online that suggest these interventions, whether they be in person in Brazil, or remote through a photo, heal many people from physical and emotional ailments that hinder them from living their truest and best life.

I found lots of testimonials, including the ones from Gabby Bernstein and Oprah.  Oprah produced a special documentary about John of God and the Casa. She also did an exclusive interview on Super Soul Sunday with Wayne Dyer. In it, he describes to her in detail his personal experience with his remote healing intervention, and claimed it cured his leukemia.

Even before the healing took place, I started feeling connected to the Casa and to the healing entities through intuitive dreams, heightened intuition, and powerful meditations.  And, if you follow my blog you already know that I recently had a dream about where to find my dad. It was during this time that I had this particular dream. 

On the day the healing took place I was at work, and while Jackie suggested I should try my best to stay in bed for 24 hours following the healing session, I couldn't get that day off.  Despite not being able to stay home, I managed to go to bed at 5pm that night. I slept for a full 12 hours and I did that two nights in a row.

On the morning of healing day, I felt really tired, and could not keep my eyes open during a 10am meeting.  This is not like me, since I get on average of about 8-9 hours sleep a night. So I wondered if it was happening then.  However, when 3pm rolled around I knew that was when it was all happening.  I felt my liver flutter, and this went on for a few hours, and I was extremely tired.  When I got home from work, I was ravenous and couldn't get enough food into me. I'm not exaggerating when I say my stomach was a bottomless pit and I was also incredibly thirsty.  After I went to bed at 5pm, I woke myself up chanting OM a few hours later. 

Overall, I would describe my healing experience as PURE AWARENESS.

My third eye blew wide open, and things became really clear.  Since this experience, I feel like I can actually SEE through FEELING people's intentions, especially if they are trying to be manipulative, passive aggressive or are coming at it with the dark veil of narcissism. And, I don't mean see, like assume, I mean really see on a psychic level.  I always knew I was intuitive but since this healing, those types of behaviours are far more apparent then ever - something I can feel before someone even opens their mouth.  It's almost as if I see their intentions through feeling what they are feeling, and in turn my truth becomes that much more solidified in the moment.

My intuition is that much more heightened through this experience.  I can confidentially say I've surpassed a level of discernment I never thought was possible for a human being.  It is very hard to articulate and to put into words in a way that is accessible for someone who hasn't experienced it.

This level of discernment is much more psychic and intuitive, and can be described more accurately as clarisentient, a deeper knowing/feeling, on both an emotional and physical level. I can more easily navigate different types of interactions through neutrality, and non-reactivity. I also accept the invitation for a  deeper connection to my truth.   I am also very hyper-aware of energies before I even enter a room.

My  ability to channel write source is also magnified. This gift has turned into a reliable tool for self-healing. I'm currently trying to figure out how I can use this gift to help others in a similar way, beyond just sharing through my newly inspired Instagram posts.   I'm not forcing it, I'm just letting it all unfold.  I'm finally ready to embrace my divinity and natural healing gifts through channeling and oracle work.

Through this process I have been shown how I closed myself off to receiving love my entire life, and experienced a paradigm shift in how I operate in my daily life. 

Since this experience I have never felt so embodied nor have I ever felt such a profound sense of divine love for myself, and for other people. 

I have been shown how I betrayed myself in a lot of ways, including tricking myself into thinking I wasn't worthy of the level of love I knew existed, and have spent so much time chasing, as opposed to embodying it in myself first. So, naturally, the relationships that have always supported my highest purpose are far more concrete, while the ones that don't support it are disappearing in very natural and graceful ways. 

Naturally, I'm weeding out relationships that no longer serve my highest purpose, and replacing them with more loving, supportive relationships.  And, I am manifesting things a lot sooner. For example, within a month of finishing the 40days of herbs, a new romantic connection appeared.

Lastly, I have come to realize who I can comfortably share these types of experiences with.  I've been met with a lot of skepticism, and doubt,  around the John of God healing. Since the most important thing to me now is my healing process, I choose to share this stuff with the friends that mirror the support that I have for myself.  As cliché as "find your tribe" can be, it is so true!  For those of you who were intrigued and curious enough to get down to this paragraph, thank you for your support.   As for the rest of you whom may have dropped off as soon as I mentioned "John of God" or "remote healing"  I also thank you. Without you, I wouldn't have the opportunity to more clearly define my audience for my posts, and future offerings.

I'm a lot more comfortable with myself and embracing this stuff as part of who I am. As I define myself, I define my audience. I'm inspired to be more like myself, in that I am able to serve in more powerful and meaningful way. 

With love,

xo SJ

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