Journaling & Power in the Written Word

You’ll see it when you believe it.
— Dr. Wayne Dyer

When I was younger I kept a diary, and it wasn't until my late 20s did I revisit a regular writing practice. Since then I write in my journal almost daily. Writing is such an important part of my process. The written word helps me process what is going on with me internally, and helps me to recognize thoughts and belief patterns that best support me in that process.

My journal is a sort of best friend. It's a safe, and reliable place where I can share my vulnerability, the mundane day-to-day, my criticisms, my anger and resentments, the petty judgements and whatever else I need to get off my chest.  I always said to my sister "if something happens to me tomorrow, the first thing you do is grab that box of journals and burn the damn thing!" Not kidding. :)

It's only within recent months that I changed the pattern around how I approach journaling.  While it's healthy to get things off my chest, I realize that journaling also has the potential to keep me stuck in my old ways, dwell on old wounds, and reinforce limiting belief systems that don't serve me in the present.

Now that I'm kinder to myself, and more compassionate towards others, the words in my journal reflect that peaceful, softer state of being. And, not to say that I'm not going to continue to use my journal as a safe space to vent. I am just more conscious of how I process my journey through the power in the written word, in the same way I would in my thoughts and with my speech.

I notice and ask myself: Am I gossiping and dwelling on the past?  Am I kind to myself with what it is I'm still processing, or am I being hard on myself for how I've handled a situation?

In the same way that focusing on negative thought patterns reinforces the negative, the same is true for writing. Writing about positive things in my journal reinforces those very same things. This approach is a practice in self-love because it just feels better to me.

So, as I incorporate this new practice into my daily life, I make a habit of beginning my journal entries with  LIFE LOVES ME... and then I list all of the reasons.  Some of the reasons may not even be part of my present awareness yet. These reasons could be things that I want to have show up and experience.

I ask myself what it is I truly want and how I feel having already experienced it, or as if I already have it.  By focusing on the positive through the use of positive words, desires can truly manifest into the physical form in a very short amount of time. 

This practice reinforces my positive belief system that supports me on a daily basis. As I begin to feel better, life starts to reflect that back to me, and I learn to trust the process. So, in a sense, not only am I using writing as a self-care practice, I'm also using it as a powerful manifestation tool.

If you want to chat more about this, or you have any questions I'm happy to connect. Just send me a note from my Contact page.

With love,

xo SJ