Listening With Your Heart

I had a really transformative appointment with Anne on Friday, and gearing up for the Embodied Leadership and Facilitator training at the end of the month. It’s through our chats that I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ve always known I had a special connection to Universal Source Energy. I never questioned this guidance and Source when I was little. Since reclaiming that part of of myself in recent years, I’m ready to take my healing to yet another level, as I make the transition from student to Teacher.

I shared a story with her on Friday that I wrote as a child about the spirit of girl. In the story, I go on to describe this girl as a new friend at school, only to find out later, during a dream visitation, that she was in fact the ghost of the daughter of a Shaman. I wrote this story when I was in grade 4!

When I got home from my appointment, I was so excited about remembering this story I decided to venture down to my storage unit to see what other school-aged treasures I could find. I’m really grateful that mom saved a special box filled with school stuff, such as report cards, art work, and some Hilroy scribblers filled with stories and drawings from different subjects. A treasure trove of goodies!

In the box I discovered a scribbler from religion class, and it in a special poem. Keep in mind, while growing up in French Acadian Cape Breton, Catholicism class was mandatory. And, while I don’t consider myself religious at all now, I do believe it all comes from what will often be described as Universal Consciousness/Love/Source Energy.

I would describe this poem as a declaration of love. I wrote when I was 10. It’s evident that I never questioned my relationship with Source back then, and it was only natural for me to believe in it, and to declare that all you need to do to access it is to listen.

Watch! Listen! Jesus is with us. Don’t you see him? Watch! Listen! Jesus is with us. Can’t you hear him?
I like this part, because you can see him in your mind, and you can hear him in your heart.

Wayne Dyer used to refer to the book Power Vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, a lot in his talks. In the book Hawkins describes Jesus as someone who made a difference through living his life from the highest level of consciousness and vibration possible. He was operating at such a high level that he was capable of raising the frequency of the planet by counterbalancing the negatively vibrating energies with this positivity. (If you are interested to having a quick read about it, this article Do You Make a Difference? by Wayne is a good introduction to the concept).

To be present is to successfully tap into your own heart (Watch! Listen!). We all had access to this deep knowing as children, we just forgot it somewhere along the way. Our access to it didn’t changed, but our perception of it did.

There is always time to reclaim this high vibration and to make a difference in one’s life and to those around you. All that is required of you is an awareness of your own vibration, and the conscious effort to listen in, and look around for evidence of this love. Love is all around us, is in us, and is us.

With love,

xo SJ