The Wisdom of My Ancestors

I’m back from my Embodied Leadership training with Anne Berube. It was a very powerful weekend for me, and the words that come to mind are:

:: importance of the breath
:: comfort with the unknown
:: modeling
:: manifesting
:: reclaiming
:: letting go
:: integrity
:: connectedness
:: finding Father
:: becoming
:: holding space
:: simplicity
:: stillness
:: contentment
:: intuition
:: nurturance

Being in the energy of alignment during my five days at Windhorse allowed for a deeper connection with my gifts, unlocking the more expansive parts of myself I always knew were there.

Fully integrated with the landscape, during a night walk-turned-shamanic-journey in the woods, I was granted full access to the ancient wisdom records of my ancestors that were awaiting retrieval in my one reality.

Insightful downloads and system upgrades when I least expected it, all while doing nothing, in the uninterrupted frequency of the weekend. Soulful Light code activations felt on the cellular level.

It was through the magic of the unplanned, and intimate story telling where I experienced the most openness, vulnerability and depth - fully supported with subtlety and gentleness held within the power of being seen.

I came back feeling more than ready to reclaim my place as a creative, a leader and as a intuitive healer, inspired to share my message through my Heart Compass Oracle deck.

It’s time.

With love,

xo SJ