Writing & Relationships

I started seeing Anne Berube recently.  She is a very dear friend, and also a spiritually-based Life Coach.  I attended her Happy Sessions group workshop last July, and that is where I learned about the importance of vulnerability in sharing our stories.  Along with some accelerated personal growth work over the past year, it was time to start seeing Anne one-on-one.   

I have a fairly dedicated yoga and meditation practice (and have for about 6years).  Not until recently did I experience a major shift in how I approach the relationship I have with myself and with others. As my spiritual practice and self-awareness continue to expand, so too does my interest in working with the subtleties around how I spend my time and my energy. This is all in relation to my thoughts and limiting belief patterns, and how I choose to respond to (what I perceive as) the negativity that shows up in my life. 

How do I want to manage my energy?  Who do I want to spend my time with?  What is more fun for me? What brings me joy? When do I feel good? When do I not feel good? When do I feel supported?  Not necessarily over thinking, but listening to what my heart knows to be true, and trusting my intuition. All experiences, good or bad, are opportunities to either grow or shrink. I am empowered to choose one response over the other.

I am continually reminded that it takes a lot of courage to show up to a workshop, or to delve into “your stuff.”  However, for me, it's part of what I do on a daily basis. The more expansive I feel, the deeper I want to go, and the stronger the desire to explore something new.

Those who know me well know that I carry a journal with me wherever I go. Writing in itself is a very important part of the relationship I have with myself.  I write down everything!  Love stories, significant events, details about who I meet, what we talk about, how I feel in the moment, all of my fears, insecurities and disappointments. Sometimes my hand can’t write fast enough for my thoughts, it’s so exciting!  Once it’s all on paper, I feel better.

Sometimes, if I go back to my entries it’s as though I’m reading someone else’s words. These journals are nothing short of a chronology of spiritual growth history. My journal is one place that teaches me that it’s completely ok to be unapologetically me. And, the more I journal the more this idea shows up in my life, and in my relationships.

Writing is part of my path. I never really thought about it that way until Anne pointed it out. She suggested that I share more on my blog as opposed to keeping everything self-contained in my private journal. 

These entries will never replace writing with a pen and paper, and I don’t necessarily plan to divulge all the nitty-gritty details of a first date, or share how pissed off I feel in the moment. I will save those for my journal. I know, right!? How disappointing! ;)  I do; however, plan to share my work with Anne. Her suggestion to write more here reminds me about vulnerability and the importance of sharing our stories, as real as they are.

I want keep things simple, and accessible and hopefully something resonates with you, makes you smile, or sparks a little something in that heart of yours.  

Love, SJ