Signature Workshops

Let Your Heart Be Your Compass

Experience Sarah Jane’s systematic process and transformational methods for self-awareness using her heart-centered approach. Access a deeper understanding of yourself through conversation, movement, stillness, writing, and creativity.

Together, we will navigate through:

  • Conversation around the importance of self-love practices and ritual // create the foundation for heart compass work

  • Movement with gentle yoga and pranayama (breath work) // connect more deeply with your body as a bridge to the soul

  • Stillness and guided meditation // gain clarity and journey back to your own heart and innate wisdom

  • Writing exercises and oracle cards // embrace your openness to Spirit and attune to the gifts of your emotions

  • Creativity and inspiration // create your own oracle card and be inspired to live heart-centered

What is provided?

  • Your very own journal // Art supplies to create an oracle card //

What to bring?

  • Writing tool // Yoga mat // Water bottle // Snacks // An open heart //

Currently there no workshops on offer at this time.

Work With Sarah Jane

Single sessions are $222.00 for 60 - 90 minutes (in-person or online).

Lifestyle Offering

Radiant Heart

Let your heart be your compass and become your most radiant Self.

  • Deepen your intuition and be inspired

  • Ground yourself in ritual and gratitude

  • Reconnect with your true essence

  • Embody grace through self-nurturance

  • Begin to see challenges as opportunities for spiritual growth

  • Embrace your shadows as a self-empowerment tool

  • Harness universal energies to co-create with your heart’s desires

  • Live in alignment with who you really are

  • Receive channeled guidance through Sarah Jane

Explore your soul’s calling, and higher purpose through self-enrichment and a co-creative process that includes channeling. Strengthen your inner heart compass through embodiment practices informed by the ancient wisdom traditions of yoga and ayurveda.

Includes: Yoga and ayurveda, reiki, meditations, and channeled guidance.

Balance Offering

Receive a personalized yoga and meditation practice, lovingly grounded in daily ayurvedic rituals.

*Minimum of 2 sessions.

Yoga Offering

Receive a personalized yoga practice.

In the ancient wisdom tradition of yoga, practicing with intention and purpose on a daily basis can empower you to break through your energetic blocks and limiting beliefs.  When you put the focus on yourself with a personalized practice, you reinforce self-love, and begin to witness your life changing and unfolding in the most magical ways! A truly enriching experience.

Not sure which offering to continue your journey with?  Contact Sarah Jane to book your complimentary 15min consultation.


Balance is personal, so to you this might mean: creating more energy, becoming more focused, or feeling stronger or less stressed. Most importantly, explore what works best for you and speaks to your own heart.

The list below includes some of Sarah Jane's favourite resources to support a body in balance, an open mind, and a happy heart.

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